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Sion ’s technology allows recognizing images, logotypes and objects of the real world and project digital contents in mobile devices in real time, like videos, animations, audio, web pages or geolocation systems.

Work | Some of the businesses we have helped.

Project: Sion - Transfers


Tasks:  SION APP In animation transfers


Description: With Sion AR you will live a new experience with smart designs that come to life on your mobile device. All this in a free app for smartphones and tablets with camera.

Project: Sion - Marketing


Tasks: SION APP In Marketing Services


Description: Whenever you see this logo, indicates that the mean (photography, poster, book, etc) is endowed with the Augmented Reality of SION, so you can focus it with our application and enjoy the additional content added.

Project: Sion - Marketing


Tasks: SION APP In Furniture and Design


Description: In this example, we see the potential of Augmented Reality offers us, for example in the furniture sector, where shows without moving heavy objects such as would in reality with the use of multiple markers.

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How we do it.

We create the Augmented Reality for you, we give life to your logo, image,symbol….in order you can communicate much better, promote yourself in a much more original and active way with the real time fussion between physical world and virtual world..


SION is a browser in Augmented Reality that permits visualizing dynamic contents with smartphones, tablets and AR glasses from visual codes inserted in the real world, like logos, images, product labels, packaging, press or advertisements, reaching a communication, advertising extremely attractive and effective.

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